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Denver Area Property Management

Our Full-Feature Property Management Service Package ensures your property will be running smoothly and efficiently in no time!

Our Full-Service Denver Property Management Package incorporates all of our Modular Property Management© segments at one bundled price. Please click throughout the tabs to learn more!

  • Good Tenants are Happy Tenants

    We know from experience that happy tenants make better tenants. That’s why we strive to keep them satisfied. We work hard to provide your tenants with everything they need to have a successful stay in your property. As a result, we’ve learned they stay longer and treat your property with a higher level of respect.

    Our Tenant Management System provides renters with everything they need through a secure, online intra-website, which is available to them 24-hours a day. Here, your tenants can pay rent online, download relevant documents (i.e. Lease), view their ledger, read community announcements, and submit and track maintenance requests. Not only does this provide exceptional convenience for your tenants, it keeps your Property Manager’s phone from ringing so they can concentrate on other tasks.

    We provide our tenants with as many tools as possible to make living in your building as simple and stress-free as possible. However, the occasional problematic tenant is unavoidable. We are experienced in procedures such as mediation and eviction, and are prepared to take the necessary action to collect your rents and maintain a safe environment.

    Learn more about our state-of-the-art online Tenant Management System!

  • Maintenance is KEY to a successful running Property

    We believe our maintenance protocol is second to none. We believe you will, too!

    We also believe that proactivity is a vital component in successfully maintaining a property. We implement an annual preventative maintenance schedule to ensure all of the basic needs of your property are considered.

    We provide your tenants with a 24-hour toll-free Service Line, access to online Maintenance Request submission, and a detailed procedure to follow in the event of a breakage.

    Your tenants can expect quick responses and timely repairs by our handpicked, tried and trusted, contractors and handy-people.
    It is important to us that you know we do not make money by providing “in-house” labor, or referral commissions, or kickbacks. We let the pros handle it, plain and simple.

    We handle bigger jobs too; for major repairs we provide a minimum of three bids from experienced, qualified, and licensed contractors.
    Your property is in good hands with Proform!

    Learn more about our Maintenance Services!

  • Tenant Leasing Services

    Work with the best in the business to get your units leased Faster and for HIGHER Rent!

    Our partners at Home Connections, Denver’s leading Tenant Referral business, have the experience and established relationships to get your property to maximum capacity in no time! Our collective goal is to lease your units BEFORE they become vacant!

    Before we rent your property, we perform a Competitive Rental Analysis to determine the appropriate maximum rents for your property.

    The three elements to leasing are ALL equally important: QUALITY, RENT, and SPEED. Don’t let your unit sit vacant — and don’t let some other property management company undersell your unit. Get qualified tenants to fill your vacancies today!

    Learn more about our Leasing Services in our Consulting Department

  • Financial accountability and reconciliation is important to the proper management and future of your property. Accounting provides the numerical clarity that tells us how your property is performing.

    Though we do all the finger work for you, you may want to log in and print or view your financial statements. Our property owners have round-the-clock access to our online system and its full feature accounting software.

    You will also receive monthly “Owner’s Statements” showing detailed records of income, expenditures, and other relevant information. We will also generate the necessary 1099 forms at tax time, making your tax experience a breeze.

    Learn more about our Accounting Service

    Need more in-depth analysis or financial guidance concerning your investment property? Check out our PROFORMA LAB©


  • Our State-of-the-Art Online Tenant Management System is the backbone of our Service, Communication, and Efficiency

    We are proud to offer a low-maintenance yet powerful system that will allow you to maintain your desired level of control.

    As a property owner and Proform client, you will have 24-hour access to maintenance requests, tenant ledgers, work orders, online documents, and other relevant information. You can easily print any report at any time. This transparency is important to us; we want  to extend the ability to check-in on your property and see what we are doing to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

    Call us today if you would like a sample login to see our system in action!ComputerscreenwithHome

Our Denver Property Management is designed to service both Single family homes and multi-unit buildings.

Whether you have one single-family rental home or a dozen large-scale apartment buildings, we take your business seriously and strive to manage your property with the same care we manage our own.



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