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The goal of our Consulting Department is to help you facilitate your own property management and efficiently run your real estate investment.

Our Consulting Services are designed to aid the Property Owner or investment company who does not need a Full Service Property Management Company. The goal of our Consulting department is to help you facilitate your own property management and efficiently run your real estate investment. Owner’s who have “low maintenance properties,” are active in the everyday operations and decisions of their properties, simply need a little help with different parts of the management process, are about to sell their multifamily building are prime or want to understand the performance of their investment are prime candidates for our consulting programs! There is a time and place for Full Property Management – however, not everyone needs the full boat for a large chunk of his or her properties cash flow. Pick and choose different components to meet your needs.
If you or your company has different needs that don’t exactly fit into any of our “boxes,” we got you covered, too! We will happily work on a contract basis or an hourly basis when needed.

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Modular Property Management

If you have one property, or a portfolio of properties, and prefer to remain actively involved in the management, our Modular Property Management© is designed to provide assistance while allowing you to retain full control of your investment. You may select individual items from our extensive suite of services that will help you to manage more efficiently. Click to learn more about how Proform can make your management experience easier and better.

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Pre-Sale Management Restoration

If you are planning to sell a less than optimally managed investment property in the next coming year, this service is a must!

It’s no secret that efficient building management weighs heavily when an investor is considering purchasing a multi-unit property. A properly organized and managed building guarantees maximum rents and minimal concerns.

Proform knows what it takes to enhance your current management techniques and turn your processes into a well-oiled machine ensuring the highest possible sales price for your property.

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Real Estate Investment Analysis

Financial investments are typically accompanied by periodic statements, which affirm the performance of your investment. Unfortunately, your real estate investment doesn’t do that for you.

The PROFORMA LAB© is our real estate analysis center that produces detailed financial reports which gauge the performance of your property. These valuable reports provide facts and projections that will undoubtedly guide your decisions regarding the future of your property. Click here to out how the PROFORMA LAB© can help you understand your investment better.

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Tax Assessment Negotiations

Each year, property owners pay taxes on the assessed value of our properties, which is determined by the government. Sometimes, this value is inconsistent with the actual market value. Proform has the tools and experience to analyze your current tax assessment valuation and contest that valuation if necessary. Paying unfair taxes could be costing you thousands of dollars every year! Click here to learn how we can help you keep more of your own money in your pocket.

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Multifamily Branding & Marketing

Branding creates a first and lasting impression. Our Marketing Department can help you create an image for your building that will attract potential tenants and leave a favorable impression. Using logos, websites, and industry-specific marketing channels, we will help you create a unique and favorable brand and effectively distribute that image to the public.

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